"Churchill: Speech, Zurich (19th of September 1946)

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Zeiten und Menschen, Bd. 2: Die geschichtlichen Grundlagen der Gegenwart: 1776 bis heute/ Robert Hermann Tenbrock u.a. (Hg.) - Paderborn/Hannover: Schöningh-Schroedel, 1976, S. 401-402 -
GEI shelf mark: HEG-V 86(8,76)-2.


© Schöningh Schroedel, 1976



Winston Churchill held a speech at the University of Zurich on 19th September 1946, in which he depicted his idea of the “United States of Europe”. Such a union, he claimed, would have to be based on a partnership between France and Germany.




The speech of the former British Prime Minister is printed as excerpts and in German translation in the exercises section of the textbook. The exercises section is printed on coloured paper and is thus clearly distinguishable from the tutorial section. It provides working materials such as sources (reports, certificates, speech texts, contracts) or excerpts [mehr...]