"European and National Identity"

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Anno: Geschichte, Teil: 11/12/ Bahr, Frank (Hg.) - Braunschweig: Westermann 2008, S. 426-427 -
GEI: HEG-V 145(1,2008)11/12


© Westermann, 2008



This textbook presents to students passages from an essay by the Berlin-based historian Hartmut Kaelble which compares national with European identities. Kaelble lists seven fundamental differences between the two types of identity in terms of their formation and their properties.




This piece of text appears in the fourth and final learning module to feature in the textbook, “Forms of historical culture and identity formation”, which is on the curriculum for the advanced history course in Year 12. The book’s authors, who had previously worked on a number of other history books in the Anno and Horizonte series from publishers [mehr...]