" 'European army': EDC"

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Lehrbuch für Geschichte, Kl. 10, Teil 1/ Doernberg, Stefan u.a. - Berlin: Volk und Wissen, 1968, S. 174 -
GEI: DDR HB-5(1,68)10,1


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In this document, the authors of the textbook from which it is taken, which was published by the East German state textbook publisher Volk und Wissen in 1968, provide a summary of the post-war plans to establish a “European army” and incorporate the Federal Republic of Germany into the West’s military alliance. The authors also provide a critique of the process of western European integration, which, in their view, was contradictory, frequently unsuccessful and increasingly militaristic in nature as it progressed, and fuelled the development of the Cold War.




This textbook was published at a time at which the leadership of the East German ruling party SED considered the economic groundwork for the commencement of a “socialist era” to have been successfully laid by means of the collectivisation of agriculture, which itself followed the creation of a large-scale industrial sector “owned by the people” [mehr...]